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It's all about protecting your health, your home, and saving you money!

Most heat pump owners are unaware of the need to have their unit cleaned on a regular basis. Simple cleaning of the filters is not enough! Breathe Easy will ensure that the air coming out of your heat pump is clean, healthy, and not contaminated with organisms that can jeopardize your health. Your clean heat pump will also be as much as 30% more efficient, which will save you lots of money!  

Breathe easy provides peace of mind!

Do you and your family suffer from persistent colds or breathing issues? Your heat pump may be the problem. If there is mold in your heat pump, it could be a toxic black mold species such as Stachybotrys chartarum or Aspergillus niger.  These and other molds often grow in warm, damp, dark areas, which is exactly the environment found within your heat pump (read more about mold and the heath risks HERE). In addition, the mold spores inside your heat pump can travel throughout your house and grow in other damp areas like your bathroom or kitchen. This could cause significant damage to your home. Your heat pump could also be contaminated with pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and viruses...these are recirculated into the air you breathe! Breathe Easy can safely remove all of these risks!

We cover the whole province of Nova Scotia!

Breathe Easy was the first dedicated heat pump cleaning company in Northern Nova Scotia. Although the Northumberland Shore (Pictou County) area is our main service area, we will provide services throughout the province.  If you live outside the Pictou County, we may arrange your scheduled cleaning to coincide with other service calls in your area due to traveling costs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Breathe Easy is dedicated to the cleaning and disinfection of mini-split (ductless) heat pumps...it's all we do!

We are professional, guarantee our work, and we are fully insured. You can trust us to help you and your family Breathe Easy!

Breathe Easy is professional, knowledgeable and affordable

My name is Tommy Campbell Gallant, and I am the owner/operator of Breathe Easy. I have over five years experience in the heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) industry, and over 20 years experience in general construction. In addition, I am very knowledgeable in the biological aspect of the contaminants within your heat pump, as I have an Undergraduate Degree in Biology/Toxicology (BSc) and a Masters Degree in Science (MSc). You can trust Breathe Easy to carefully service your heat pump, and take the steps necessary to remove the contaminants within.

My company was created to solve a problem. Many homeowners in Nova Scotia rely on mini-split heat pumps to heat and cool their homes, but they could not find a local company to periodically deep-clean their systems. Often, homeowners suffer health issues as a result of the poor quality air they breathe - not knowing that their mold-contaminated heat pump is the problem. This is where Breathe Easy can help. We offer a professional service that is solely dedicated to making the air in your home safer to breathe, while also maintaining the efficiency of your heat pump.

You can rest assure that the service you receive from Breathe Easy will be professional, knowledgeable, and affordable. We want you to Breathe Easy!

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