A mini-split (ductless) heat pump.

Do you have a mini-split (ductless) heat pump in your home? Did you know that they do not bring in fresh air from outside, and ONLY recirculate air inside your house?

A vet dirty evaporator coil and barrel fan.

Did you know that heat pumps can harbor mildew, black mold, bacteria, and viruses? Did you know that these contaminants are recirculated into the air you breathe every time your system turns on? Did you know that the air coming out of your heat pump can make you sick, cost you money, and potentially ruin your home?

Cleaning heat pump filters is not enough.

Did you know that even though you clean your heat pump filters, it is not enough to prevent mold and dirt from accumulating on the coil and blower fan?

Breathe Easy Mold Removal

This video shows the mold that could be lurking inside your heat pump, and how Breathe Easy can help. Heat pumps need regular deep-cleaning to protect you from the dangers of mold in your home! We can us today! 

The possible hidden health risk of heat pumps (CBC News)

Worried? Don't be... Breathe Easy can help!

Breathe Easy can professionally clean your heat pump using specialized equipment with safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

A CoilJet Professional Coil Cleaner

You can "Breathe Easy" knowing your family is safe from the dangers of breathing dirty air, while saving you money on your heating/cooling costs.

Removing Mold From an Evaporator Coil

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