Heat Pump Cleaning Terms & Conditions

Our Guarantee

Breathe Easy is professional, fully insured, and we guarantee our work. We unconditionally guarantee to repair, free of charge, any damage caused to your heat pump unit as a direct result of providing our cleaning services.  We cannot be held responsible for any preexisting fault or damage to your unit(s).  Examples of preexisting damage include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Damaged remote controls, batteries or corrosion anywhere withing the unit(s). 

- Improper and/or deteriorated insulation.

- Faulty and/or damaged electrical components or circuit boards.

- Deteriorated, brittle, cracked, or worn plastic parts anywhere on the unit(s)

- Preexisting mechanical failure/faults.

Your Responsibilities as a Customer

Before the arrival of the Breathe Easy technician for your appointment, the customer is responsible for clearing of all furniture in the vicinity of the work site. Everything is required to be removed from directly below the wall unit, and to a distance of one meter on either side. If furniture needs to be removed by the technician to gain access to the work area, a $30 additional labor fee will be added to the cleaning fee. Breathe Easy will not be responsible for any damage to materials that need to be cleared from the work area. The area directly below the unit must be kept free of furniture and/or electronics for 24 hours post cleaning. Breathe Easy will not be held responsible for any damage caused by condensation and/or leakage post service. 

Before a Breathe Easy technician begins to work on your unit, you will be required to demonstrate the functionality of the unit. If the unit is functioning properly, you will be required to provide a signature verifying the operation of the unit. Any visible damage and/or issues will also be noted at this time.  Post cleaning, you will once again be required to demonstrate the full operation of the unit, and provide a signature indicating your verified the unit is operating as normal.